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Steam Turbine Generators


  For those who operate them, performance of steam turbine generators is key to the profitability of an industrial site.  These machines must be able to run reliably for very long periods of time.  In addition, effective coordination of the turbine with the overall site steam system is needed.  Often a turbine must be used as an integral part of a site’s header pressure management scheme.  Many older units have limited control functionality that is not very responsive and does not provide a variety of operating modes.  Turbine generator equipment protection is critical, and systems are needed to monitor vibration such that shut-down can be accomplished when deviations occur.  Ideally, an early indication of mechanical abnormalities would be provided such that the turbine generator could be serviced during a planned outage rather than a forced one.


By implementing integrated control and monitoring systems, Emerson is improving steam turbine generator operations and providing owners with prediction of impending mechanical issues.  Emerson delivers its SmartProcess® Turbine solution for control with operating modes customized to unique site steam system and operating needs.  This is coupled with Emerson’s CSI 6500 Machinery Health Monitor that combines both machinery prediction and protection functions.  With Emerson’s turbine solution, owners gain improved turbine/header coordination, the benefit of a standard hardware platform that is maintainable by site personnel, and the advantage of machinery health prediction.  In addition to protection functionality, Emerson’s unique prediction capability detects bearing and other mechanical issues before they become critical.  This allows servicing of the unit to be done on a planned rather than an emergency basis.

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