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Energy Management Systems


  Many power and utility operations within an industrial plant include multiple steam producing units, a variety of steam headers, turbine generators, and a number of compressors and/or chillers.  All this interconnected equipment, along with changing demand for utilities and fluctuating prices for fuels and electricity, makes it very hard to continually operate within constraints and at the optimal cost position.  Human operators can achieve nearly best-cost operation at times, but no person can always hit that mark.  


If the entire utility operation can be coordinated as a unit to operate at best cost position every minute of each day, the cost savings are significant.  To achieve this, a real-time automation system must be employed because there are too many variables to be considered by operating personnel.  The real benefit is not to make large adjustments that are typically recognized by experienced operators, but rather to make a myriad of small adjustments that add up to thousands in savings each day.  Emerson assists clients in utility cost reduction by implementing a real-time closed-loop Energy Management System (EMS).  Emerson’s SmartProcess® Energy solution considers the entire utility operation as a whole, allocates load across producing units, manages available fuels, and handles electric buy/make decisions, all to deliver the best overall cost position within identified constraints.  The SmartProcess Energy solution runs in a DeltaV controller so that it is robust and maintainable over the long term to sustain the savings.  

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