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Chillers / Compressors


   Compressed air is sometimes a forgotten utility, but it is expensive to produce and typically essential to production operations.  Refrigeration is also critical in many industrial operations and chillers can be very significant energy users on a site.  Despite the fact that compressors and chillers are subject to frequent starts, load changes, vibration, thermal stresses, and other wear and tear, these units are expected to run reliably for years.  Over time, compressor and chiller performance can deteriorate, and if this is not addressed will cause undue energy consumption.  Unexpected failure of these units often results in a slowing or interruption of production operations and forces costly emergency maintenance and repairs.  The need for air or cooling in the production operation also varies over time, and efficiently allocating load across the available compressor and chiller units is key to effectively managing energy costs.


By implementing real-time cost based load allocation systems and unit performance monitoring, Emerson is helping industrial sites cut the cost of operating their chillers and compressors.  In addition, Emerson is providing owners the ability to predict impending mechanical issues so that they can be addressed before a unit failure can impact production.  With its SmartProcess® Energy solution, Emerson helps sites match compressor and chiller loading to demand in order to minimize cost of operation.  AMS Performance Monitor provides a rigorous analysis of unit performance from historical data and alerts owners to unit degradation or malfunctions.  In addition, Emerson’s AMS Machinery Health Manager delivers predictive diagnosis technologies that identify mechanical issues early in order to allow owners to plan for repairs rather than react to unexpected failures.

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