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Utility Tie Lines


  Most industrial sites must manage their electric utility tie-line to monitor and control the amount of electricity that is purchased.  This may be to validate electrical use in real-time, limit draw due to line constraints, manage demand intervals, or to determine how much electricity to buy versus how much to make on-site.  Tie-line control systems must be furnished with timely and accurate inputs, responsive to fast changes in demand or equipment availability, well integrated with overall powerhouse and site operations, and intuitive and straightforward to use for operating personnel.  The goal is typically to minimize electric purchase costs by effectively limiting demand at certain times and taking advantage of lower electric rates when they are available.


 Tie-line control functionality must be tailored to the particular site equipment configuration, the needs and constraints of production operations, and the options available from the local electric utility for energy purchase.  Emerson helps industria​​l sites lower electric costs by implementing real-time electric tie-line control solutions that manage demand and automate buy/make decisions.  For sites that produce some of their own electricity and have a variable rate contract with their utility, Emerson assists by automating the calculations to determine when it is profitable to make electricity versus buying it.  If a site must limit purchase within a demand interval, Emerson provides a load shedding solution to ensure that the desired peak demand is not exceeded.

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