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Energy Management Information System
Fuel your bottom line with real-time insight into site energy performance

With increasing environmental and regulatory requirements, sustaining profitability is more challenging than ever – and it’s only getting worse. Energy remains one of your largest operating expenses and perhaps your greatest opportunity to improve your company’s bottom line. To effectively manage energy, you need real-time insight into your site’s energy consumption and loss. An energy management information system, like Emerson’s Energy Advisor​, makes that possible. With up-to-the minute, meaningful information about your site’s energy performance, your teams can identify inefficiencies and irregularities and take corrective action, potentially saving you millions annually. 


Gain Better Visibility
into Site Energy Performance

  • ● Monitor energy consumption and loss in real-time
  • ● View energy performance at the site, unit, or asset level.
  • ● Uncover additional energy- savings opportunities

Establish and Manage
to Site Energy Targets

  • ● Apply process models that calculate best practical efficiencies in real time
  • ● Develop dynamic target equations from historical data
  • ● Address overconsumption events as they occur

Share Energy
Performance with Key Stakeholders

  • ● Share energy key performance indicators (KPIs) with stakeholders
  • ● Document and sustain improved energy performance
  • ● Foster an energy saving culture

Energy Advisor from Emerson, Real-Time Energy Monitoring

"The average manufacturing company can improve its profit margin by 2% within three years utilizing energy management best practices
—Bain & Company, 2013

Manufacturers with real-time industrial energy management software report a 200% improvement in their energy intensity over those without it.
—LNS Research, May 2014

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