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Boilers & Steam Distribution


Boilers are an often overlooked but important piece of the industrial production operation. Reliability and effective response to changing load demand is critical, but in today’s world this is not the only concern. Energy costs continue to rise and the cost of fuels to make steam in boilers is a major contributor. Emissions regulations continue to become stricter and boilers produce a significant percentage of site emissions. In addition, it is difficult to find experienced operating personnel as many workers are retiring and fewer have been trained.


Boiler processes can deliver increased profitability and improved emissions performance for industrial sites if they are set up and run properly. To enable this, instrumentation and control technology is a tool that can be leveraged to achieve better business results. For the greatest, most long-lasting results, it is best to approach boiler process improvements as a whole, and address mechanical, measurement, actuation, control and operating issues simultaneously. The experts on Emerson’s Industrial Energy team assist clients through​ a holistic boiler improvement process that’s proven to deliver long-lasting reliability, lowest cost, and best emission performance.