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Harnessing the World's Renewable Resources

Renewable energy facilities are being developed around the world to help diversify power generation assets and reduce the dependency of fossil fuels for producing electricity. The power experts at Emerson can help you efficiently deploy your renewable portfolio so that your facilities are producing at their peak efficiency from the start.  Whether you are looking at wind, hydro, solar, or geothermal assets, our dedicated power generation team is ready to help.




:  Utilizing the resources available in geothermal reserves provides a ready source to produce clean and renewable electricity to help diversify the power assets in a fleet. Emerson can help you make sure that you get the most out of your investment and that, long term, you run your plant as efficiently as possible....Learn more 

Hydroelectric Power

  Locations around the world with existing water resources can tap these sources to produce cost efficient and environmentally friendly electricity. Emerson can help you maximize water usage efficiency, manage load, and control critical applications ....Learn more 



Solar Power :

  The ability to generate clean and renewable power from the sun has been available for many years. In today’s economy, large scale solar power is being used to diversify energy portfolios and reduce carbon emissions. Let Emerson help you improve the megawatt production and operating efficiency of your Concentrated Solar Power or Photovoltaic plant ... Learn more


Wind Energy :

  One of the fastest growing renewable energy platforms, wind energy, can provide clean, renewable power to electrical generators around the world. Emerson can help you solve a range of concerns; from improving the operation of individual turbines to integrating a fleet into headquarters .... Learn more



Emerson’s unique architecture and software platform will enable us to maximize energy yield, improve inverter life, and increase reliability. Those technologies, paired with Emerson’s financial stability and dependable, long-term inverter warranty, provided a uniquely attractive package well-suited to this large-scale PV facility.

Mark E. Anderson
President & CEO
Eurus Energy America