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Proven Results

Proven Results


Emerson innovative technology makes pressure and flow control solutions more productive, efficient and cost-effective.  Our proven results are what make us the leader in the industry.  Don’t just take our word for it, read a few of our success stories below. 


 Retrofitted Gate Station Handles Large Pressure Drop Safely and Reliably Using Fisher EZH Series Regulators
Wisconsin Public Service Corporation's Noth Manitowoc Gas Gate takes a first cut from the supply pipeline in one big step, while sizing for minimum contract pressure. Read more



 Fisher EZR Series with Topworx 4310 Wireless help create safer working environment 
A major U.S.A. chemical plant wanted a seamless technology that would alert operations should a regulator open and add nitrogen into the instrument air system. Read more



 Speciality Chemical Manufacturer Improves Bottom Line Utilizing Fisher Type Y693 Regulators 
A large U.S.A. chemical plant needed to reduce the supply pressure of nitrogen in the tanks since the pressure rating of the tanks reduced over the years. Read more

 Tabula Rasa Energy Addresses Tank Protection with T205 Tank Blanketing Regulators 
By blanketing its tanks, Tabula Rasa Energy maintains sufficient pressure inside them, so a vacuum cannot be created which would cause the tanks to collapse. This process increases safety. Read more

 Tank Survey Identifies Thousands Lost in Vented Nitrogen 
During a tank survey, Emerson Process Management and a local sales office place personnal in the field at a customer’s facility to provide evaluations and recommendations for tank management. Read more

  Toscana Energia Reduces Noise Contamination and Increases Throughput Using Emerson FL/SRS Axial Flow Regulator 
Toscana Energia had a city gate station equipped with 6” top entry regulators. Natural gas consumption increased as the local neighbourhood was being developed, and the noise generated by the regulators began to exceed legal requirements. Read more

  Major Eastern Europe Gas Utility Reduces Annual Ownership Cost by 181 k€ Using Emerson Smart Odorizing System 
Emerson odorizing solution lowered annual operational costs by 3620€ per installation by
reducing the number and duration of periodical checks and maintenance operations, while assuring a safe and accurate natural gas grid odorization. Read more

 Combined Cycle Power Plant Reduces Turbine Downtime with the Fisher Type EZH Fuel Gas Regulator 
A 1800MW power plant looked to solve problems with their boot style regulators which were causing turbine trips and requiring multiple rebuilds per year. Read more