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Ovation Users' Group


The Ovation Users' Group was formed in 1987 to provide a forum for ongoing and open communication between Emerson Process Management Power & Water Solutions, and the end-users of its Ovation and WDPF distributed control systems. Over the years membership has grown significantly -- from less than 20 members in 1987 to approximately 5000 members worldwide today.

The organization benefits individual members and member companies in a number of ways:

  • Users are given direct input into Emerson's strategic product development plans via the "Top Ten Product Enhancement Program." Each year the User body votes on "desired product enhancements" and then "purchases" a portion of those identified using Emerson-allotted design credits.
  • Users have direct access to Emerson Process Management Power & Water Solutions senior management and staff of technical experts during the annual conference and regional technical conferences. These meetings are designed to encourage open, honest communication of issues, concerns, wants and needs. During each conference, an "Open Forum" is conducted by the users and Emerson is then asked to formally respond to the issues identified.
  • Working together as a unified body, users gain a stronger voice in Emerson programs and product development. In addition to interactions at Users' Group conferences, Emerson Process Management Power & Water Solutions representatives meet with the Users' Group Executive Board on a regular basis throughout the year to discuss and get feedback on new programs, products and procedures prior to their release. The close working relationship and open communication between the Users' Group and Emerson have resulted in a number of programs that benefit users including an enhanced 800 line service, a Users' Group Web Site, electronic documentation, enhanced training programs, product performance enhancements, and a clearly defined product notification process.