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Applications Expertise

Generator Exciter Controls

Digital Excitation Systems

Our Ovation excitation systems are suitable for a wide range of synchronous generators and exciters driven by virtually any type of prime mover and also for synchronous motors used in pumped storage facilities.

Leveraging our decades of experience in the power generation industry, we have created a reliable platform on which to operate our sophisticated and flexible software. The excitation system provides all of the features required for precise control and protection of the synchronous machine under normal and fault conditions.

In most applications, the system is backed up by an emergency manual control subsystem which provides an additional level of reliability such that a loss of the excitation system computers will not result in a loss of excitation. 

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Ovation Excitation System Video

Voltage Regulator Retrofits

We pride ourselves on the ability to meet the needs of our customers, developing innovative solutions to the inherent problems associated with aging equipment and the myriad of excitations systems in service today. Our team of System Design Engineers and Field Service Engineers work at creating retrofit solutions for a variety of analog and digital voltage regulators including: Westinghouse models WTA, WTA300, M300, PRX, MGR, WDR2000, ECS2100, General Electric Alterrex, GE SCT/PPT, GE EX2000, GE EX2100, GENEREX, ABB Unitrol, Toshiba Tosmap, Siemens Symadin, Brush Prismic, Alstom P320 and others.

We offer DGC site specific training for maintenance engineers and can provide equipment for hands-on lab sessions and troubleshooting exercises. Our field engineers and instructors are highly trained and experienced individuals. We also maintain round the clock coverage for service related issues.​