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Cybersecurity Services
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Critical Infrastructure Protection for Power Plants and Water/Wastewater Treatment Plants

Emerson's dedicated Security Solutions group focuses on the consistent delivery of cybersecurity services that are designed to protect your control system, strengthen your security posture, and support your compliance obligations.

As power plants and water/wastewater treatment plants face increasing internal and external cybersecurity threats and cyber-attacks, as well as evolving compliance obligations, organizations need to establish security programs, secure their systems, and achieve compliance. Emerson’s Security Solutions group recognizes these challenges and offers services focused on protecting critical infrastructure by assisting with compliance, identifying and addressing vulnerabilities, and ensuring industry best practices are employed.

Our team is experienced in delivering plant and fleet wide cybersecurity products and services in support of NERC CIP compliance and best practices like the NIST cybersecurity framework, ISA99 and IEC 62443.


Expertise Makes the Difference

Emerson's Security Solutions group possesses a unique blend of industrial control system (ICS) expertise, an understanding of networking complexities, and cybersecurity experience. Additionally, many of our security engineers have specialized in-depth knowledge in the essential areas of cybersecurity and networking via relevant certifications.

​Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional (GICSP)  ​CCNA Certified Engineer
​Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) ​Certified Project Manager
Emerson security engineers bridge the gap between information technology and plant operations by designing and delivering solutions focused on ensuring production reliability while protecting your critical assets from cyber-attacks. Our experienced security team combines their extensive knowledge to provide world-class, comprehensive solutions focused on incident prevention, compliance, and reliability.

Proven Experience

Emerson has delivered cybersecurity services at more than 100 sites across North America over the last three years.  In addition to performing these cybersecurity services, we have deployed 150+ cybersecurity suites on Ovation systems and non-Ovation systems.  Our team also has extensive expertise performing networking studies, network segregation and segmentation, as well as deploying advanced firewalls solutions.

Cybersecurity Experience 
Emerson's Security Solutions group has helped the power industry with NERC CIP v6 compliance challenges related to CIP 005, CIP 007, CIP 009 and CIP 010.

Power and Water Cybersecurity Suite

Our Power and Water Cybersecurity Suite is a security center designed for both Ovation and non-Ovation system users. It is a platform-independent, ICS cybersecurity solution that helps DCS and SCADA system users in the power generation and water/wastewater industries secure their critical assets without process disruption, and meet regulatory requirements like NERC CIP.