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The EDS™ is an enterprise historian designed for collecting and processing plant data, and viewing of current and past process information from anywhere within your corporate structure. EDS information is gathered from control systems, as well as the entire enterprise or multiple sources into one place and is presented in near real-time data, process and read-only control diagrams, alarm lists, trends, and reports. This capability provides remote users a high fidelity representation of what the operators see in the control room.

Accurate, up-to-date process information for plant operators, technicians, engineers, supervisors, managers, or executives is essential for optimal plant operation. The ability to monitor your plant’s processes from anywhere within your corporate or municipal structure provides additional flexibility for more efficient troubleshooting, improved individual site operations, and enhanced evaluation of activities at multiple site locations.

The EDS has been designed and optimized for the power generation and water/wastewater industries. It is a reliable platform to support an OSIsoft PI replacement or OSI PI migration.

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EDS Mobile

EDS™ Mobile gives users the ability to view EDS plant data and monitor system processes from a desktop operating system on a handheld device. This mobile application gives executives, managers, supervisors, and engineering analysts flexibility in managing operations even when they are away from their offices. Detailed KPI (Key Performance Indicator) data can be viewed by selecting from the iconic data menu or in the drill down plant view.

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EDS Enterprise

EDS™ Enterprise can expand your visualization reach by integrating data views across multiple systems and sites. Information is gathered from control systems, as well as other plant data sources, and is presented in process and read-only control diagrams, alarm lists, trends, and reports.

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70% increased ramp rate (Minnkota)