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Emerson Subsea Valve Actuation Solution

Emerson provides a Subsea Valve Actuation Solution which include our BettisTM, DantorqueTM and ShaferTM products. As a comprehensive subsea valve automation solution provider, our products are known for their reliable, safe, rugged subsea service. Suitable for any harsh environments in virtually any water depth, these pioneering brands bring unparalleled subsea experience for applications in shallow, deep water, and ultra-deep water actuation from a single source supplier – Emerson.

Emerson Subsea Valve Automation Solutions are precisely designed to ensure reliable operation in severe service, with rugged HPUs, and in critical subsea ESD applications meeting your deep water needs. Our subsea ESD supports a reliable total well closure on receipt of a shutdown command.

Our expert subsea team can provide the technology, engineering, and necessary capabilities to handle your subsea project from design, project management, and delivery to support.

The Bettis symmetrical scotch yoke mechanism, with a 40 year design history, provides quarter-turn rotation with a safety feature, positively locking the spring module in place under load.

Bettis GS-Series actuators, ideal for subsea applications, are available with diver or ROV intervention systems and are ideally suited for riser and other fail-safe applications. Bettis provides high quality subsea valve actuation.

  • 40 Year Design History
  • Double Acting and Spring Return
  • ROV Interface, ISO 13628 / API 17D
  • Hydraulically Actuated
    • 135 to 210 Bar (2 to 3,000 psi)
    • Optional 5000 psi design
  • Torque
    • Double Acting, 687,000 Nm (6,000,000 In/Lbs.)
    • Single Acting, 339,000 Nm (3,000,000 In/Lbs.)


Bettis Subsea


Dantorque actuators, with 26 year design history, are available in quarter-turn rotation based on the helical spline and are perfectly suited for subsea applications. These actuators are precisely designed, compact, concentric and produce perfectly balanced torque to the valve stem.

Dantorque DTUs are customized for ROV intervention and installation or retrieval at ultra-deep water depths. These actuators are ideal for SSIV, highly engineered and especially critical valve applications. Dantorque planetary gear operators are compact and designed for ultra-deep water with balanced torque. These are designed for ROV intervention.

  • 26 Years Subsea Design Experience
  • Compact and concentric (balanced torque) design
  • Machined to exact rotation for valve to properly seat subsea
  • ROV Interface, ISO 13628 / API 17D
  • ROV clutch clamp design for deep water installation
  • Valve Bonnet Clamp Technology
  • Perpendicular ROV & ROV Clamp Capability
  • Valve Bonnet clamp technology
  • Uses Helical Spline Gear Design
  • Few Moving Parts
  • Low Maintenance
  • Double acting, single acting, fail safe, spring return operation
  • Depth – designed for 300 feet plus / qualified to up to 10,000 feet (3,000 meters)



Shafer subsea actuators, with 40 design history, are rotary vane actuators, double acting available with balanced quarter-turn torque without the need for any internal gearing or power conversion mechanism. This subsea actuator is extremely efficient and compact, and does not require pressure compensation. The rotary vane actuators are excellent for manifold and other tight space applications. Shafer represents the best in innovative, high quality subsea valve actuation.

Shafer has been manufacturing hydraulic power units (HPUs) for over 40 years primarily for the oil and gas industries. Shafer hydraulic power units, extremely suited for harsh environments, provide the perfect solution for fail-safe and emergency shutdown applications and available in many energy source combinations.

Whether the application is an offshore platform, work barge, offshore loading terminal, cryogenic plant, or a slurry pumping station, the Shafer HPU is engineered to fit your specific subsea or offshore platform requirements.

  • 40 years market experience
  • Compact (balanced torque) rotary dual vane design
  • Double acting actuator operation
  • Diver friendly and diver activated quick connect / disconnect design
  • Non-compensated, at depths up to 3,000 feet (1,000 meters)
  • Power storage accumulators for fail-safe valve operation
  • Umbilical termination assemblies which provide all hydraulic and electrical requirements for the subsea actuators
  • ROV compatible actuator controls and control panels
  • Purging (flushing) and by-pass valving for initial commissioning or remounting subsea
  • Valve position indication accessories available
  • Excellent resistance to weathering, splash and spill of petroleum products or solvents
  • Hydraulic power units (HPUs)
  • Hydraulically Actuated
    • 500 to 3000 psi
  • Torque
    • Double acting 565,000 Nm / 5,000,000 In Lbs
  • Non-compensated qualified at depths up to 3,000 feet (1,000 meters)