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Providing a complete solution to your HIPPS (High Integrity Pressure Protection System)

There are many different challenges analyzing, designing, building, and testing of a HIPPS. One of the main challenges is the lack of standards outlining design parameters, resulting in a high level of interaction between end users, engineering and contractors during the analysis and design phase. Looking at the equipment available on the market today, it is not difficult to source the different components needed for a HIPPS. The challenge is more in the validation and verification of the system to ensure it fully meets the requirements outlined in the Safety Requirements Specification (SRS) and that the SIL level is maintained throughout the safety lifetime of the installation. 

Emerson has a one-stop-shop solution for HIPPS, addressing all the issues faced designing, building, installing and operating a HIPPS. The solution comprised of Bettis actuators, Fisher DVC controllers, ASCO solenoids, DeltaV SIS logic solvers, Rosemount pressure transmitters and a proven ball or butterfly valve for the final element of the solution.

The solution not only provides quality Emerson control equipment with adequate certified failure data for all components, it also includes verification of the Safety Integrity Level and proof test, working procedures and inspection plans for the operator, to ensure the required safety is maintained throughout the safety life cycle. The solution will ensure requirements set by the end user are met, avoid any conflicts during validation, which might potentially delay start ups.