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Mining and Metals

Metals and Mining Applications Require High Performance, Reliability and Safety


With industrialized countries striving to improve their standards of mining, mining companies are faced with the challenge of finding a valve automation solution that can help reduce unplanned d​owntime while increasing performance without compromising safety and increasing operating costs.

To reduce costs over the long term, many companies know they should invest in automation to keep labor costs down and to improve worker safety, and help protect the environment.

Emerson Valve Automation is the partner you need that can provide the uncompromising performance, reliability, and safety in a turnkey solution.

A Trusted Valve Automation Solution Provider

Emerson is a leader in helping businesses automate their production, processes and distribution capabilities to improve reliability, extend the life of costly assets, improve safety compliance, lower costs, and increase overall productivity. Providing reliable and quality solutions to the metals and mining industry require innovation, experience and an uncompromising commitment to safety when implementing solutions that perform.

Emerson Valve Automation brings together the best valve automation solution portfolio in the industry.

Field Proven Performance and Reliability

BettisTM  rack and pinion, electric and multi-turn actuators provide reliability that is second to none. Designed to outlast, applications in harsh environments are efficiently covered.

For bigger valves and applications requiring higher torque and resistance to constant vibration, ShaferTM actuators provide unmatched performance and durability. The Shafer rotary vane design is frequently used in mining slurry pipeline applications requiring precise speed control and constant torque output throughout the rotation of the valve for thick, abrasive processes. Mining applications will find the reliability and rugged durability needed in our Shafer products.

A Simplified Procurement Process

Bettis RPE-VOS

Valve Operating SystemTM(VOS) is a complete system used to control and drive the valve open and shut function. The VOS is generally comprised of an actuator, air filter regulators, relief valves, solenoid valves, limit switches, positioners, as well as the piping and engineering of the setup. The VOS is provided by Emerson as a complete, turnkey solution that is fully documented and ready for use.

Automated Valve Packages (AVP) is available with wireless or wired controls. The AVP represents the most comprehensive solution for any valve application. It is a complete VOS assembly coupled with a valve to fit for your specific mining application. The AVP allows for the easy procurement of a complete integrated package, from one source, built in-house, and designed to meet your specifications.

Compact-Size and High Vibration Conditions

Coming in multiple sizes and torque ratings, tight spaces and difficult locations are made easy with Bettis Q-Series compact actuator options. The Bettis Q-Series Valve Operating System (VOS) combines a field-proven rack and pinion pneumatic actuator with the necessary controls in an integrated compact, modular package. This is an ideal method to automate valves with small VOS footprint offering retrofitting flexibility into existing pipe runs.

For high-vibration applications, Shafer's concentrically-mounted actuators provide maximum long-term, vibration resistance by putting its center of gravity directly over the valve stem, reducing the effects of wear and metal fatigue.

Increased Safety

Emerson is known for its safety-centered design, better materials, compliance, certification, optional preventative maintenance tools, and local customer support. Safety should never be compromised.

Improved Preventive Maintenance

With the Emerson solution, PeakVue, signal processing enables operators to determine when defects have developed on rotating equipment, along with an easy assessment of the defect severity. This enables early detection of issues before adverse conditions create costly downtime. Emerson’s automation and materials are designed with safety at its core making affordable valve automation no longer compromising safety.