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Ignoring your assets is ignoring your bottom line

Every plant goes through a natural life cycle.

In a traditional facility, you enjoy your highest efficiency and performance right at startup. But once online, the plant begins to gradually deteriorate due to the dynamic—and often harsh—environment of the process, as well as normal wear and tear on the equipment. You experience gradual degradation in performance over time, which may also result in an unscheduled shutdown.

Contrast this with the life cycle of the Optimized Plant. The Optimized Plant is agile. Accurate, timely information enables decision-makers to respond intelligently to rapidly changing conditions.

Not only can you start up more quickly, but by leveraging the power of PlantWeb’s predictive diagnostics you are able to increase performance over the life of the plant. Through the PlantWeb digital plant architecture, predictive diagnostic information appropriately notifies the right people for information or action.

Whether you work in plant management, operations, or maintenance you will know the health and status of your most critical assets in real-time. Necessary actions can be taken at the right time, maximizing productivity.

You may be thinking, will this really work in my plant? Take a look at a few sample scenarios from the day in the life of the Optimized Plant. You will see how an effective asset management program can impact plant management, operations, and maintenance. You will see how effective asset management is key to becoming a world class facility.  And you will understand how the Optimized Plant can help you operate with confidence.  

Is Asset Managment Critical?

Asset Managment isn't really required to produce your product, but the effects of not having Asset Management can be dramatic, even catastrophic. But will the status quo give you the competitive edge you need? Will your current facility give you maximum capacity without the risk of downtime? What will move you and your plant toward the future?

Asset management is not just about avoiding the major incidents, although it definitely has a role in that. It is about the dozens of adjustments you can make every day to maintain and improve the performance of your assets. These incremental changes have a big impact on availability, throughput, and reliability.

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