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Wireless Monitoring for Increased Awareness

Regardless of what you have heard, Wireless is NOT the future; it is the here and now. Plants and factories all over the world are implementing Emerson's Smart Wireless technology to improve performance, reduce costs, and increase safety. Operators are able to monitor equipment that, whether due to design, remoteness, or the hazardous nature of its location, has never been monitored before.

Most process plants have hundreds, or even thousands of valves. Because these valves are often not monitored, they are unable to provide feedback on their position and therefore users are unable to access position data that is critical to the performance and safety of their plant. This reduced awareness can result in slower reaction times for potential safety and compliance incidents. The 4310 Position Monitor allows these valves to be monitored. TopWorx can provide the 4310 along with necessary mounting bracket kits in order for new and retrofit valves to be easily fitted. Some examples of the types of valves that are using the 4310 for monitoring are: fire protection, sampling, safety relief, effluent and isolation. The TopWorx 4310 Wireless Position Monitor captures vital position data from any valve and quickly communicates it to a Smart Wireless Gateway, allowing for faster incident response and less down time.In addition, many of these plants also have a number of discrete points that they wish to monitor and control. The 702 Wireless Discrete Transmitter allows for two inputs, two outputs, or one input and output and therefore can handle a variety of monitoring and control applications. Popular applications for the 702 have been related to Environmental Safety & Health including safety showers, rupture disks, confined space, access points, and more. TopWorx can provide a complete monitoring and control solution including the 702, GO Switches, and mounting bracket kits.


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