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Choose Your TopWorx

D-Series T-Series

 Valvetop DXP - Tropicalized Aluminum Enclosure/Global Approvals
TopWorx DXP

 Valvetop TXP - Tropicalized Aluminum Enclosure/Div 1 and 2 Approvals
TopWorx TXP

     Valvetop DXR - Composite Resin Enclosure/General Purpose/Intrisically Safe/Non Incendive
TopWorx DXR

 Valvetop TVA - Engineered Resin/General Purpose/No Approvals
TopWorx TVA

 Valvetop DXS - Stainless Steel Enclosure/Global Approvals
TopWorx DXS

 Valvetop TXS - Stainless Steel Enclosure/Div 1 and 2 Approvals
TopWorx TXS

 Valvetop ESD - Emergency Shut Down/Partial Stroke Testing
TopWorx ESD


*Contact Factory for Nuclear and Wireless Selections.