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Introducing TESCOM 56 Series
Flow assurance is a critical component in the design and operation of offshore production facilities. With costs of controlling hydrates, corrosion, scale, wax and asphaltenes exceeding 10% of operational costs, it has never been more crucial for operators to maintain accurate control of injection rates.

The 56 Series chemical injection flow control device provides:
• Consistent flow of chemicals to your product infrastracture
• Optimization of chemical usage to prevent problems associated with over and under injection
• Reduced operational and maintenance cost while increasing safety 
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WHITEPAPER: How Electronic Pressure Control Works
As the trend toward automation continues, electronic control of pressure is a logical progression. Such electronic control of pressure has in fact become commonplace — both to allow automatic control of pressure for production machinery and for controlling pressure from a central location, even if the regulator is placed in an inaccessible or hard-to-reach location. In this white paper, you will learn how electronic pressure control works. Read more


Introducing TESCOM 50-4000 Bypass Regulator
Deepwater Production: Reduce time to production and maintenance cost with the 50-4000

The TESCOM 50-4000 Series regulator with integrated bypass valve is a robust design that increases cycle life, performance and improves safety by reducing leak paths and unnecessary high pressure components. The 50-4000 provides accurate and consistent pressure control performance, even in the most demanding ultra-deepwater installations.
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Introducing TESCOM ER5000 Series Electropneumatic Controller
Repeatable. Accurate. Robust.
The TESCOM ER5000 eliminates some of the deficiencies that mechanical regulators have by creating a closed loop pressure control solution that achieves precision pressure control, reduces human fatigue and errors, and allows for remote control and valuable data acquisition. The pressure you want is the pressure you’ll get.






Introducing TESCOM SG Series
The SG line of diaphragm pressure reducing regulators offer more usable flow, exceptionally long service life and are easy to configure with a variety of standard accessories. The SG Series is suitable for most gases, including pure oxygen. Robust design with easy rebuild capability provides low cost of ownership.

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     • SG1 Series
     • SG2 Series
     • SG3 Series

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TESCOM eCatalog 







New Product Catalog Release!
We are pleased to announce the release of
TESCOM's Global Product eCatalog
Inside you'll discover:

    • Top level product datasheets
    Product selection guides to narrow your search
    • Greatly expanded technical section
    • 'Quick Find' table of contents
    A comprehensive index

Our eCatalog format viewed from your computer allows you to make it your catalog: 

    • Navigate the catalog quicker
    • Text search, bookmark pages and make notes
    • Print, download the full PDF and share via email and 
      popular networking sites