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BM6X Series Axial Flow Slam-Shut Valve

BM6X Series axial flow slam-shut valve is an automatic shutoff appliance suitable for installation as a safety device in regulating stations and on gas transfer and distribution lines.

The reduced face-to-face dimension, typical of wafer valves, facilitates installation even in existing regulating stations that are not equipped with shutoff devices. The slam-shut valve is designed to shutoff the flow of gas in the event of the pressure rising above or falling below the predefined levels.

BM6X Series slam-shut valves are "wafer" type with an off-center butterfly disk that is mounted eccentrically. The gas flow causes the slam-shut valve to shutdown and can only be reset manually.

BM6X Series slam-shut valves use gas from the gas line for operation and therefore does not require outside sources to operate.

BM6X Series is in conformity with the Pressure Equipment Directive
PED 97/23/EC and is classified in Category IV

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 Product & Service Documentation
 Natural Gas Solutions Brochure (Middle East and Africa Only)
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 BM6X Slam-Shut Valves - Bulletin
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 BM6X Slam-Shut Valves - Instruction Manual
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