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SmartProcess™ Optimization Software

SmartProcess™ offers adaptive improvement solutions  to help utilities achieve optimized equipment performance for emissions compliance, temperature control, efficiency, and overall continuous operational improvement.
  • Combustion Optimization
    SmartProcess Combustion Optimization increases boiler efficiency while maintaining emissions, decreasing loss on ignition, and reducing a number of other plant operating costs.
  • Economic Optimization
    SmartProcess Economic Optimization improves maintenance expenditures by predicting unit maintenance requirements and controlling the loading on units that are approaching an overhaul period.
  • Fleet Optimization
    Fleet optimization determines the optimum SO2 and NOx emission rates for each plant within the fleet so the total amount of SO2 or NOx produced doesn’t exceed yearly caps, and the FGDs and SCRs are utilized in the most cost-effective manner.
  • Global Performance Advisor
    The SmartProcess Global Performance Advisor models plant equipment and overall heat balance, adapting to the plant’s changing conditions and determining the most efficient operating modes.
  • SCR Optimization
    SmartProcess SCR Optimization collects and evaluates data to predict the temperature, ammonia usage, and flue gas composition that will improve NOx removal, as well as the financial impact that making adjustments will have on the bottom line.
  • Sootblower Optimization
    SmartProcess Sootblower Optimization develops strategic sootblowing sequences, ensuring that a plant only blows soot when needed, thus reducing opacity and thermal NOx while improving overall heat rate and boiler efficiency.
  • Steam Temperature Optimization
    SmartProcess Steam Temperature Optimization develops a boiler steam process model that accurately reflects the numerous interrelationships of various process issues utilizing an intelligent modeling tool.
  • Unit Response Optimization
    SmartProcess Unit Response Optimization software increases ramping capabilities by using actual plant data to create a model of process response and unit characteristics.
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