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Shafer Technical Documentation

Brochures Document
Rotary Vane brochures  DOC.6P.SRV.US
Rotary Vane Subsea Actuators  Bulletin SS
L Series Double Holding Valve  Bulletin DHV
L Series Linear Actuator  Bulletin-L
Electro-Hydraulic Power Units Brochure  Bulletin EHPU
Gasoline Engine Power Unit  Bulletin PGP
Hydraulic Power Units  Bulletin HPU
Manual Hydraulic Hand Pump  Bulletin HP
Nitrogen Power Banks  Bulletin NPB
Technical Data Document
Rotary Vane Specifications  Metric |  Imperial
Linear Series Dimension Data  Metric |  Imperial
SH-Series 4.5 Data Sheet  SH-04.5
SH-Series 9.0 Data Sheet  SH-09.0
SH-Series 18.0 Data Sheet  SH-18.0
Certificates Document
ISO 9001:2008  Link
Manuals Document
Service Manuals
RV Maintenance and Service Manual  RVSM
RV Exhaust Muffler 98674-A  MIS R10
RV Gas-Hydraulic Tank RV Checking Fluid Level  MIS R21
RV Partial Stroke System Wiring Diagram 114731  MIS R30
RV Partial Stroke System with Electric Failsafe Feature  MIS R31
RV Adjustable Stop Bar Replacement  MIS R40
Rotary Vane Subsea IOM  Subsea IOM
"MOD KIT" Installation Procedures
Electric Remote 2-Way Control Replacement Procedure  MOD R10
Electric Remote 2-Way with ESD Valve Control Replacement Procedure  MOD R11
Electric Remote 2-Way W/Electric Failsafe Control Replacement Procedure  MOD R12
Manual Control Replacement Procedure  MOD R13
Electric Remote 2-Way Control Replacement  MOD L10
Electric Remote 2-Way W/Linebreak Control Replacement  MOD L11
Hand Pump - Double Holding Valve Installation  MOD L20
Gas Hydraulic Tanks - Hand Pump Replacement  MOD L30
Power Unit
Gas Over Oil to Central Hydraulic Power RV Control Replacement  MOD H10
Manual RV Control for CHS Replacement  MOD H20
Hand Pump on a RV Actuator with CHS Installation  MOD H30
Repair and Adjustment Procedures
Air Relay Valve High Pressure Service Procedures  RAP R10
Air Relay Valve Low Pressure Bellows Type Service Procedures  RAP R11
Automatic Linebreak Control (1983-Present) - Adjustment and Set-up  RAP R20
Automatic Linebreak Control (1983-Present) - Adj. and Set-up Russian  RAP R21
Automatic Linebreak Control (Pre 1983) - Adjustment and Set-up  RAP R22
Installation of Peter Paul Solenoid Valves  RAP R30
Hand Pump Head Seal Replacement  RAP R40
Actuator Head and Rotor Seal Replacement  RAP R50
Limit Switch (T-8) Adjustment Procedure  RAP R60
SW-4 Series Limit Switch Adjustment Procedure  RAP R61
Shafer Limit Valve Installation and Adjustment  RAP R70
Dashpot Service Adjustment  RAP R82
Pump Double Holding Valve Heavy Spring Replacement  RAP L10
Power Unit
Accumulator Seal Replacement Instructions  RAP H10
Hand Pump
Hand Pump (English)  MHP
Hand Pump (French)  MHP FR
Hand Pump Double Holding Valve  HP DHV
Poppet Block
Poppet Block(English)  PBC - EN
Poppet Block(French)  PBC - FR