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Sand is a barrier to flow assurance – as a major contributor to corrosion by removing protecting coatings and as a factor behind production equipment being clogged and wellbore access impeded. Efficient monitoring of sand production is therefore important both from a safety/integrity management perspective and in order to optimise production rates with respect to sand (define maximum sand free production rates or maximum allowed sand production).

Roxar introduced to the market both the intrusive sand/erosion monitoring system as well as the non-intrusive acoustic sand monitoring system, both available in topside and subsea versions. Each measuring approach has its advantage, acoustic sensors giving immediate response on sand production, whereas intrusive systems give direct information about the erosion effect of produced sand.

  • Subsea SenCorr SE sensorSubsea Sand-Erosion Sensors
    Management of sand is critical for maintaining integrity of operator assets and optimising oil and gas production.
  • Roxar Sand monitorTopside Sand-Erosion Sensors
    Sand production can lead to serious damage to production equipment, such as valves, chokes and pipe bends. If not controlled, high sand production can have a damaging impact on the integrity of the production system.
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