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Software Releases

Software Releases

On this page you can find information about Roxar software releases including the main highlights and a link for further information on enhancements and functionality.

RMS 10.1

Through even greater advances to the seismic to flow simulation workflow and versatile decision-support tools, Roxar RMS 10.1 takes collaboration and integration between domains a step further, supporting optimal decision-making. RMS 10.1 is also designed to deliver greater ease of use and performance for improved productivity. 

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Tempest 8.0

Our latest reservoir engineering software expands capabilities for enhanced decision-making and improved field economics. Tempest 8.0 provides risk mitigation, increased productivity and expanded integration from geosciences to production as one of the key components of the Big Loop™ solution.

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RMS 10

Our latest reservoir characterization and modeling software provides significant improvements in seismic interpretation, structural and property modeling and reservoir engineering as well as further automation supporting Big Loop™ for reliable production forecasting.​

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Roxar API

The Roxar API enables you to build and share fit for purpose solutions, based on the best available technology at each workflow step and leverage company intellectual property across your entire organization. Roxar API can be used in an open environment to expand the capabilities of your software or used within Roxar RMS™ environment to create unique solutions. Roxar API enables you to do what you want with your data! Everything is possible, creativity is your limit!

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Tempest 7.2

The Tempest 7.2 release comes with a new prediction ensemble workflow, allowing users to compare alternative cases in pursuance of the best economic development plans. It also supports users with broad functionality in a robust full-field simulator. ​The technical reference has been fully updated, and now provides a comprehensive and intuitive documentation to support usage and understanding. ​

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RMS 2013.1

The RMS 2013.1 release comes with enhanced structural modeling tools that acknowledge realistic uncertainties in the data, making it faster and easier for geo-modelers to build geological scenarios, investigate the effects of structural uncertainty, and maximize the value of their reservoir assets.

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Tempest 7.1

The Tempest 7.1 release comes with improved uncertainty management and reservoir prediction capabilities leading to better economic and field development decision-making. A major highlight is the introduction of a new prediction workflow in Tempest ENABLE.

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RMS 2013

RMS 2013 now comes with model driven interpretation capabilities and new, innovative solutions for seismic interpretation that are tightly linked to geological model building and provide users with a full seismic to simulation workflow.

RMS 2013’s model driven interpretation enables users to not only create the geological model while conducting seismic interpretation, but also capture uncertainty during the interpretation. This ability to provide users with unique tools for quantifying geologic risk early in the interpretation process will lead to better decision-making and improved investment returns.

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Tempest 7

The new Tempest 7 is an integrated reservoir engineering software suite that provides a single, consistent interface to E&P reservoir engineers.

Tempest 7 is ideal for all types of reservoirs and geologies and covers a wide spectrum of reservoir simulation. It comes with a modern, intuitive interface with powerful graphics that can process multiple models and very large data sets and is also ideal for unconventional and EOR studies such as CO2 injection, Coalbed Methane, SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage) and shale gas fields.

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RMS 2012

RMS 2012 Comes With New Seismic Inversion, Seismic Attributes, and Field Planning Capabilities to Help Operators Generate More Accurate and Realistic Reservoir Models and Increase Recovery Rates.  

RMS 2012 introduces stochastic inversion and seismic attributes generation, helping you squeeze every last drop of value out of your seismic data and resulting in fast and efficient well planning. You can build simple or complex models with improved accuracy and efficiency and update these models rapidly with no compromises or simplifications.

When Getting The Right Result Matter!

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RMS 2011 

RMS 2011 comes with more new features than any previous RMS version and provides modellers with enhancements to the seismic architecture to allow direct reference between the reservoir models and the 3D and 4D seismic data that the interpretation and modelling is based on. Key highlights of RMS 2011 include new tools to model complex geologies and incorporate 4D seismic into the workflow; geological well correlation improvements; new fracture modelling capabilities; and usability and integration features that make RMS 2011 even more accessible and easy to use, while at the same time realistically modelling some of the world’s most complex geologies.

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Tempest 6.7 and ENABLE 2.4

The new Tempest 6.7 and  ENABLE 2.4 bring a number of significant advances to the history modelling and reservoir simulation workflow, including improved usability in history matching, such as new plotting and workflow features for large history matching projects; faster and less memory intensive simulation models; and enhanced tools for making economic evaluations of reservoirs.to read more

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RMS 2010.1

RMS 2010.1 was released on 26 August 2010 and adds advanced seismic volume visualisation tools to the workflow - tools which facilitate thorough quality control of interpretations, structural and property models, simulation models, and well plans. The import of 2D and 3D seismic data is extremely easy and the modern visualisation sets a new standard in performance by unleashing the power of modern graphic cards.​

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Tempest 6.6

Tempest 6.6 brings many new features and developments to the full field reservoir simulation suite. The new segmented well model allows a much more detailed treatment of the behaviour of fluids in the wellbore. Other features include reservoir temperature variation and oil and gas composition vs. depth for EOS modelling, oil viscosity variation with pressure gradient, flexible multi-stage separators, capillary pressure hysteresis and enhancements in network modelling and gas lift optimisation

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RMS 2010

With RMS 2010 we bring you a high quality and easy to use reservoir modelling suite with major improvements across the entire workflow, with a wide-ranging makeover of our well correlation tools, new model building and property modelling tools and ever-improving 3D gridding and better communication with external simulators. RMS 2010 provides the industry's smoothest and most powerful geo-modelling workflow.external simulators. RMS 2010 provides the industry's smoothest and most powerful geo-modelling workflow.

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RMS 2009

With a brand new user interface, RMS 2009 was redesigned for the next decade of innovation and excellence. RMS 2009 enables users to produce accurate results more quickly with the breakthrough structural modelling and local model update modules. Flexible data transfer and the powerful workflow manager tool have further strengthened the usability of the E&Ps industries premier solution for integrated static and dynamic reservoir modelling.

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