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Reservoir Engineering

Prediction of reservoir performance underpins the economic decision making process. Fast and accurate simulation results are therefore a critical requirement for successful reservoir management. Roxar provides a full range of reservoir engineering and simulation tools not just for reservoir simulation but also for the gridding and upscaling of geological models, visualisation of results, assisted history matching and production uncertainty prediction.

The RMS™ suite provides a robust gridding and upscaling solution with links to all major industry simulators. The Tempest™ suite provides a full featured black oil and compositional simulator at an affordable price within a sensibly sized, fit for purpose package. With a complete set of post processing tools, PVT analysis, links to suface network modelling and parallel processor option it offers everything a reservoir engineer would expect from a modern reservoir simulator without the added complexity of unwanted functionalities from other domains.

Download our latest white paper here. Title: 'Using Ensemble-Based Methods for More Reliable Reservoir Predictions: Applications on Fractured Reservoir'

Roxar's Reservoir Engineering Solutions:

  • Tempest ENABLE
    Tempest ENABLE™ works in tandem with the reservoir simulator, intelligently driving it to yield results which are of better quality, and more quickly, than using just the simulator on its own.
  • Tempest MORE
    Tempest MORE is a modern, next generation reservoir simulator, offering black oil, compositional and thermal options.
  • Tempest PVTx
    Tempest PVTx is an equation of state PVT analysis tool which facilitates characterisation of black oil or compositional fluids .
  • Tempest Venture
    Tempest Venture provides economic evaluation based on simulation results. Cash flow analysis is provided in graphical format for simulation results.
  • Tempest VIEW
    Tempest VIEW is the interface for all Tempest modules, in addition to providing simulation post processing to a wide range of 3rd party simulators, and pre-processing to Tempest MORE.
  • RMSfaultseal - Fault Seal Analysis
    RMSfaultseal enables the required fault seal analysis to take place as early as possible in the overall reservoir modelling workflow. This analysis can either be used within RMS or taken to a relevant external simulation package.
  • RMSflowsim - Flow Simulation
    RMSflowsim enables seamless integration of both the static and dynamic reservoir models, together within the same software product.
  • RMSSimgridRMSsimgrid - Grid Design and Upscaling
    RMSsimgrid offers semi-automated, highly flexible and robust grid generation. It helps bridge the gap between Geologists and Engineers.
  • RMSstreamRMSstream - Streamline Analysis
    RMSstream is a single phase streamline analysis tool which allows extremely fast analysis of flow patterns within the reservoir model, even on multi-million cell geological models.
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