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Reservoir Management Software

Roxar Software Solutions is a global leader in 3D geological modelling and integrated simulation software. Our solutions facilitate big loop workflows of reservoir management, that provide the greatest accuracy, the most comprehensive uncertainty assessment, and the best-quantified risk in the geologic model - from seismic acquisition through to simulation and from exploration to production.

Roxar solutions are designed to create informed field development and reservoir management decisions, such as what depletion strategy to use, where to drill wells, and how to operate those wells. We deliver high quality technology and detailed reservoir understanding that help operators increase oil and gas recovery, with accelerated production from well-managed fields.

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  • Reservoir Geophysics
    Roxar provides a full range of tools for data visualisation, seismic attributes, and inversion. In RMS 2013 try our ground-breaking Model Driven Interpretation technologies.
  • Reservoir Geology
    Roxar's geological modelling solutions are widely recognised as industry leading, providing tools you need to produce maximum performance from your reservoir, regardless of geology, location or complexity.
  • Reservoir Engineering
    Roxar provides a full range of reservoir engineering and simulation tools including gridding and upscaling of geological models, visualisation of results, assisted history matching and production uncertainty prediction.
  • Well Planning and Real-Time Monitoring
    Roxar helps operators develop their production plans and drilling programmes by generating accurate reservoir models, regardless of reservoir type.