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Roxar Pig detector

The Roxar Pig detector detects acoustic emissions of passing Pipeline Inspection Gauges (PIG’s) when moving through production pipework and pipelines so that the time/location of the PIG is known. In addition, it can estimate accumulated debris in front of the PIG which can help you identify in which section of a pipe debris is being built up.

Non intrusive design.
The Roxar Pig detector is non intrusive, which means that it is fixed with metal straps to the outside of the pipe. No intrusion of the pipe is needed and therefore all applications (high pressure, sour service, etc.) are possible for installation as there are no wetted parts. Any type of PIG can be detected in both directions and there are no moving parts resulting in low maintenance.

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 Roxar Sand Monitor - Pig Detector Brochure
Roxar Sand Monitor - Pig Detector Brochure
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 Roxar Pig detector Data Sheet
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