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Mechanical and Process Equipment

With operators needing to ensure that their oil & gas reservoirs are functioning at the very peak of their potential, the successful and economic flow of hydrocarbons from reservoir to refinery has never been more important.

The Roxar portfolio of mechanical and process equipment provides operators with complete control and insight over their upstream production strategies and a seamless link with Emerson’s topside and on-shore process management solutions.
  • Retrieval Systems
    Coupons, probes, sensors and transmitters are commonly installed in high pressure flowlines and vessels. Installing and retrieving these devices under pressure poses a potential hazard for the operator, so safe equipment is required.
  • Roxar Pig detectors
    The Roxar Pig detector monitors pigging operations in production pipework and pipelines. The detector is clamped on to the outside of any part of the production pipework
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