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Roxar subsea Wetgas meter

The latest Roxar subsea Wetgas Meter, launched in May 2015, provides highly accurate flow rates for water, gas and condensate - vital information to protect subsea well and pipeline integrity and support metering/allocation strategies in challenging gas and gas condensate fields.

Whether used for continuous monitoring or intermittent well testing, the wet gas meter reduces risk and strengthens production optimization strategies. Benefits include:

  • Improved reservoir management with a maximizing of gas production while avoiding water breakthrough. The meter detects changes in water content of the flowing well at as little as 0.2 ppm (parts per million) - sensitivity never been reached before and representing less than a droplet of water finely distributed in a volume equal to that of four car fuel tanks.
  • Improved flow assurance with the high water sensitivity and formation water detection functionality providing a powerful tool for the optimization of injection rates for MEG, scale and corrosion inhibitors
  • Highly effective hydrocarbon and allocation metering strategies with the meter providing real-time and accurate hydrocarbon measurements for operators’ fiscal allocation obligations.
  • Maximum speeds, flexibility and robustness for all reservoir conditions with the meter ideally suited for changing operating conditions and varying fluid compositions.

The Roxar subsea Wetgas meter has field-proven reliability and has provided cost savings and increased reservoir control in subsea fields across the world, making wet gas metering an integral part of operators’ future flow assurance, production optimization and hydrocarbon allocation strategies.

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 Roxar subsea Wetgas meter
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