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Roxar subsea Wetgas meter

The Roxar subsea Wetgas meter provides highly accurate flowrates for water, gas and condensate which is vital information for flow assurance and reservoir management.
Whether used for continuous monitoring or intermittent well testing the information from the wetgas meter is applied for:

  • Reservoir Management - maximise gas production and at the same time avoid water breakthrough in addition to establishing flow conditions in reservoir
  • Flow Assurance - hydrate, corrosion and scale management
  • Allocation - allowing subsea comingled flow or new subsea well tie-ins with assosiated cost savings in subsea pipelines

The Roxar subsea Wetgas meter has field proven reliability and has provided cost savings and increased reservoir control in subsea fields in all major oil and gas areas around the world.

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 Roxar subsea Wetgas meter Data Sheet
1 MBpdf
 Proven Results
 Roxar subsea Wetgas meter, Proven results
355 KBpdf
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