Roxar Multiphase meter 

The Roxar Zector technology provides accurate and real-time characterisation of flow patterns. The voxel-based signal processing and electrode geometry provides information never previously available, including multiple flow velocity data and near wall measurements. The technology comprises a new compact sensor geometry which allows for measurements in individual sectors in addition to full cross-sectional area measurement. Roxar is introducing the new class of compact multiphase meters for operators who are looking for production optimisation, flow assurance and improved well testing. The reduced size will allow operators to install the meter on individual wells and in previously inaccessible locations.

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 Magazine Articles
 American Oil and Gas Reporter June 2009 Article
Projects Proving Merits Of Multiphase
282 KBpdf
 Oil and Gas Technology sept. 2010 Article
Challenges in maximising production
204 KBpdf
 Rogtec Magazine Article
The Growth of Multiphase Meters and the Key Challenges They Are Addressing
1 MBpdf
 World Pipeline May 11 Article
Up to the challenge. Meeting platform and multiphase metering challenges in the North Sea and beyond.
2 MBpdf
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 Roxar Flow Measurement Brochure
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 Roxar Multiphase meter 2600 Brochure
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 Well Testing Skid
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 Roxar Multiphase meter 2600 Datasheet
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MPFM 2600
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