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Flow Metering

Did you know Roxar is the pioneer of multiphase and wetgas measurements?  With the invention process starting back in 1984 and now with more than 20 years of field experience, we pride ourselves in delivering and supporting multiphase and wetgas metering worldwide. 

Multiphase and wetgas metering is a key focus area for Roxar and with our development, delivery and service organisation we are constantly striving to grow and enhance our product range to meet the ever increasing demands of the market.

Within this Flow Metering section, you will find background and information relating to the topside product range, including multiphase, wetgas, salinity and watercut meters and our subsea product range including multiphase, wetgas and salinity meters.  Please follow the links below to explore the area of most interest to you.

  • Subsea MPFMRoxar Subsea Metering Systems
    Placing a Roxar meter subsea will give you a continuous monitoring of how the well is performing and result in significantly higher recovery factors.
  • MPFM 2600Roxar Topside Metering Systems
    Whether your interest lies with multiphase metering, wetgas metering, salinity measurement or two-phase liquid watercut metering, Roxar has a solution for you.