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Polymer Completion Products

PolyOil (Part of the Roxar group) is dedicated to bringing modern materials technology to the drilling and completions sector of the industry where friction, wear and inferior materials can lead to lost time or failure. The product is designed to optimise the chances of success in tubular running and at a competitive price too. The company is dynamic and flexible and can look at complete engineered solutions using advanced engineering polymers downhole.

Our objective is to develop specific application products using our unique understanding and experience of polymer technology and allied to oil production knowledge from within our staff, to then create commercially available products in standard and specials ranges to meet the ever-increasing quest for product improvement.

  • PolyOil Control Line Poly-Tector®
    PolyOil® polymer control line protectors (patent pending) are all based on a standard design theme, utilising a hinged arrangement to allow for easy fitting to tubing at mid joint or cross coupling positions.
  • PolyOil Multi-Hinge Umbilical Poly– Tector®
    The Multi Hinge Poly-Tector® is PolyOil’s new generation of safe, easy to use and reliable ‘in riser’ protector. The Multi-Hinge concept offers improved functionality and even faster fitting times.
  • PolyOil Poly-Glider™ Centraliser
    The Poly-GliderTM polymer centraliser is the first commercially available centraliser with a truly reduced friction factor effect, which takes torque & drag reduction a step change further for well construction and casing drilling.
  • PolyOil Poly-WearJoint™ Cased Wear Joint
    The Poly-WearJointTM incorporating seals and interlocking modular system resists pressure and also protects the umbilical lines from impingement damage around the drill floor and wear bushing area as the drilling rig moves due to weather conditions.
  • PolyOil Umbilical Poly-Tector
    In response to a market requirement for a safe, easy to use and reliable ‘in-riser’ umbilical protector, Roxar developed the Poly-Tector® umbilical protector.
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