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2210 Display Unit

The 2210 DU can be remotely installed, connected by a 4-wire cable, or factory mounted at the TankRadar Pro’s enclosure. If installed remotely, up to six Pt-100 elements can be connected to the optional temperature measurement card in the 2210 DU.

TankRadar Pro is fully configurable from the 2210 DU. User-friendly menus and an installation wizard will guide the user through the complete start-up procedure.

All measured and calculated values such as level, spot temperature, volume, signal strength etc are displayed as numeric values or shown as bargraphs. A user-defined window can be set up by the operator.

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 Product & Service Documentation
 Data Sheets - Bulletins - Catalogs
 Rosemount 2210 Display Unit for TankRadar Pro data sheet
1 MBpdf106029En, Ed 5
 TankRadar Pro Multiple Spot Temperature Sensor Technical Description
2 MBpdf706010En, Ed. 1, Rev A
 TankRadar Pro Technical Description
3 MBpdf501026En, Ed4, RevA
 Drawings & Schematics
 Electrical Installation Drawing 2210 Display Unit - Pro
86 KBpdf9150 074-927, I3
 Electrical Installation Drawing 2210 Display Unit Connection - W11 and X11
37 KBpdf9150070-971, I1
 Electrical Installation Drawing 2210 Display Unit with temperature input
115 KBpdf9150 074-928, I4
 Electrical Installation Drawing Hazardous Installation of CSA approved 2210 Display Unit
40 KBpdf9150 074-944, I2
 Electrical Installation Drawing Pro Hazardous Location Installation of FM approved Display Unit
82 KBpdf9150 074-997, I3
 Mechanical Installation Drawing RDU 40 and 2210 DU
67 KBpdf9150 074-921, I3
 Manuals & Guides
 TankRadar Pro Reference Manual
11 MBpdf306010E, Ed5
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