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Analyzers and Transmitters

Analyzers and transmitters for continuous process monitoring of pH, ORP, contacting conductivity, toroidal conductivity, dissolved oxygen, gaseous oxygen, chlorine, ozone, and turbidity.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • 1056 Intelligent Four-Wire Analyzer
    The 1056 dual-input analyzer offers up to two inputs for for pH/ORP/ISL, Resistivity/Conductivity, % Concentration, Chlorine, Oxygen, Ozone, Temperature, Turbidity, Flow, and 4-20mA Current Inputhelping you reduce the cost per loop and save panel space.
  • 1057 Multi-Parameter Analyzer
    The 1057 three-input analyzer offers single or dual sensor input for pH/ORP/ISE or Contacting Conductivity/Resistivity. With an unrestricted choice of dual measurements, you can reduce the cost per loop and save panel space.
  • 1066 Two-Wire Liquid Analytical Transmitter
    The 1066 loop-powered transmitter offers measurement for pH, ORP, Conductivity, Concentration, Chlorine (Total Chlorine, Free Chlorine, Monochloramine), Oxygen, Ozone and Temperature serving a wide range of liquid analytical applications
  • 5081 Two-Wire Transmitter: pH/ORP, Conductivity, Oxygen, Ozone or Chlorine
    The 5081 Transmitter can be used to measure pH, ORP, conductivity (using either contacting or toroidal sensors), resistivity, oxygen (ppm and ppb level), free chlorine, total chlorine, and ozone in a variety of process liquids.
  • 56 Advanced Dual Input Analyzer
    The 56 Analyzer offers up to two inputs for pH/ORP, Resistivity/Conductivity, % Concentration, TDS, Chlorine, Oxygen, Ozone, Turbidity, Pulse Flow, ISE including Fluoride and Ammonium, Temperature, and others via 4-20mA input from any device.
Rosemount Analytical Installation and Calibration Equipment
Linda Meyers shows how to use a retraction assembly and a retractable sensor without shutting down the process when cleaning and calibrating a sensor. [3:10]
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