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Gas Chromatographs 

Reliable Gas Chromatograph (GC) Analysis for Natural Gas Applications

With more than 10,000 gas chromatograph installations worldwide, Rosemount Analytical natural gas GC products (formerly Daniel GCs) set the industry standard for gas chromatography and natural gas analysis. Our lineup of natural gas GCs can provide you with precise data to meet your analysis and custody transfer needs. Our gas chromatograph analysis includes simple C6+ or C7+ applications for hydrocarbon energy calculations to more complex C9+ applications with hydrocarbon dew point calculations.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The 370XA GC is designed to simplify natural gas measurement analysis in Fiscal and Custody Transfer applications and improve the measurement performance of your C6+ BTU/CV analysis.
The 770XA GC is an airless, heat-sink style GC with dual-detector/parallel analysis capabilities in a rugged, explosion-proof housing - suitable for installations in extreme conditions. The 770XA GC provides the most accurate custody transfer measurement available on the market, with extended analysis options including C9+ with hydrocarbon dew point calculations for complex natural gas measurement.
The (Danalyzer) 1500XA GC is an air-bath style GC engineered for complex applications requiring multiple detectors and parallel chromatography. The 1500XA GC is ideal for natural gas processing applications where instrument air is available and requires higher oven temperatures than in heat-sink designs. The 1500XA is rated for -15 to 55 °C (0 to 130 °F) operation, providing the most stable analysis for an air-bath oven at significantly lower installation and utility costs.
The 570 GC is the industry’s most trusted analyzer for natural gas custody transfer applications. This airless, heat-sink style GC has a unique "open-oven" design - ideal for very rich gases or natural gas liquids (NGL) that require very high temperature heating for the sample lines. Offering unsurpassed reliability, the 570 GC provides you with the lowest cost of ownership and the reassurance that your fiscal measurements will always be accurate.
The (Danalyzer) 700 GC is an airless, heat-sink style GC with dual-detector/parallel analysis capabilities in a rugged explosion-proof housing, making it suitable for installations in extreme conditions. The 700 GC provides you with standard analysis options for even the most common natural gas measurements.


The 2350A GC Controller increases the processing power, operating efficiencies, and system performance of new and existing Danalyzer gas chromatographs.
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