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Combustion Gas Analysis

Get Real: Real Precision, Real Expertise, Real Solutions

Emerson's Rosemount Analytical is the world's premier supplier of combustion analysis, process analysis and emissions monitoring analyzers and solutions. With more than 80 years of experience, we provide real, provable analytical solutions, including advanced Rosemount Analytical analyzers supported by professionals who know how to keep your process up and running efficiently. When you bring your problem to us, you get a real solution that is tailored to your process. Thus, we pride ourselves on providing "real precision, real expertise and real solutions."

  • Combustion Flue Gas Analyzers
    Rosemount Analytical's combustion flue gas analyzers measure the gases flowing out of large industrial boilers and furnaces to improve combustion efficiency.
  • Fan Damper Drives
    Fan/Damper drives are most commonly used to control process valves, dampers and feed mechanisms accurately and in response to a demand signal.
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