Rosemount Level Measurement & Level Sensors 

With so many technologies, products and parameters to consider, selecting the best technology for level measurement can be challenging. Choose from the comprehensive Rosemount portfolio of level devices for the best solution for your level application.

Guided Wave Radar familyRosemount Guided Wave Radar for level and interface
The Rosemount line of Guided Wave Radars are a good fit for small spaces and an easy swap for older technologies. Check out the radar range.
Rosemount non-contacting radar
Rosemount radar level measurement products are unaffected by process conditions and are for a wide range of applications. View full range.
Rosemount Differential Pressure Level Products
The Rosemount line of Differential Pressure Level Transmitters feature flexible mounting and valve isolation. View complete product documentation.
Rosemount Level Transmitters
Trust in the reliable and cost-effective ultrasonic level transmitters from the Rosemount 3100 series. See the full range.
Rosemount 2100 Series Liquid Level Switches
The Rosemount line of liquid level switches work for high and low alarms, overfill protection, pump control and more. See the range here.
Rosemount Level Software
Rosemount Radar Master is the ultimate configuration level transmitter software and supports HART. See what it can do for you.
Mobrey level measurement and control
Including Mobrey electromechanical vertical and horizontal float level switches, ultrasonic point detection and continuous level measurement, plus specialised conductivity for water and steam interface monitoring.
Magtech magnetic level indicators and magnetostrictive transmitters
For magnetic level indicators, magnetostrictive transmitters and associated equipment, for use in industrial applications.
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