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Rosemount Level Software

Rosemount Radar Master [5300, 5400, 5600]

Rosemount Radar Master is the ultimate configuration software and supports HART, Foundation Fieldbus and Modbus. It provides easy configuration and service thanks to a user friendly interface with wizards, echo curve with movie feature, offline/online configuration, extensive online help, logging capabilities, and much more.

Rosemount Radar Master supports the 5300 Series, 5400 Series and 5600 Series transmitters.

Download and install the latest version of Rosemount Radar Master. If you are using the latest version of Rosemount Radar Master but the “.ini” files (device description files) are missing, download and install the Device Ini File Package.

Rosemount Radar Master version 3.H0 build 1  (ZIP @ 82 MB, released October 2014)

Device Ini File Package version 1.D3 build 1 (ZIP @ 6 MB, released October 2014)

Radar Configuration Tools [3300, 3308]

The Radar Configuration Tools is user-friendly setup software with installation wizard, dielectric calculator, echo curve, online help, and much more. It is an easy-to-use configuration tool and supports HART.

Radar Configuration Tools supports the 3300 and 3308 Series transmitters.

Radar Configuration Tools version 3.01.0004 (ZIP @ 14 MB, released May 2014)

Device Descriptors (DD)

DDs (also known as Electronic Device Descriptors, EDD) are used in EDDL capable host systems, such as AMS Device Manager, to configure and troubleshoot devices.

DDs are normally installed when the host system itself is installed. Follow the links below to get the latest version of DDs.

Rosemount 3308 Wireless Guided Wave Radar requires AMS Device Manager / AMS Wireless configurator version 12 and higher.

Device Install Kits for AMS Device Manager, DeltaV, Ovation (HART/Foundation Fieldbus)

Use the Easy Upgrade Utility to download the latest DDs to your 375/475 Field Communicator.

Device Descriptors for other HART host systems (3100, 3300, 5300, 5400)

Device Descriptors for other HART host systems (5600)

Device Descriptors for other Foundation Fieldbus host systems

Device Descriptors for 5708L, 5708V and 5708S

Note: For other host systems, please consider host vendor guidelines when installing DDs.

Device Type Managers (DTM)

DTMs are used in FDT/DTM capable host systems, such as Yokogawa PRM, to configure and troubleshoot devices.

DTMs for level products are available on the Emerson Device Install Kit page. Follow the link below to download DTMs.

Device Install Kits for FDT/DTM host systems (HART/Foundation Fieldbus)


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