Rosemount Guided Wave Radar for level and interface 

Meet your toughest measurement challenges with our guided wave radars, which are easy to install into existing openings and are virtually unaffected by process conditions.

Good fit for small spaces and easy swap for older technologies.

Rosemount 5300 GWR Level Transmitters
The Rosemount 5300 Series GWR Level transmitter is perfect for challenging measurements on liquids, slurries, and solids. View product documentation.
Rosemount 3308 Series – World’s first true wireless Guided Wave Radar
The Rosemount 3308 WirelessHART level and interface transmitter enables easy automation of level and interface measurements in locations previously inaccessible or too costly.
Rosemount 3300 Guided Wave Radar Level transmitter
The Rosemount 3300 Guided Wave Radar Level provides reliable and cost effective level measurements. View complete product documentation.
Rosemount 9901 Bypass Chambers
The Rosemount 9901 is a range of bypass chambers allowing external mounting of level instrumentation on process vessels. View documentation.
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