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Rosemount 2120 Vibrating Fork Liquid Level Switch


Universal package to suit virtually all liquid applications

The Rosemount 2120 is based on vibrating short fork technology, making it suitable for virtually all liquid applications. Features include a complete range of process connections, wide choice of housing and wetted parts materials, five different switching functions, extended fork lengths, hazardous area, basic self-checking functionality, and overfill approvals. The 2120 can withstand temperatures up to 302 °F (150 °C) and pressures to 1450 psig (100 barg). This combination of features makes it configurable to almost all requirements.

The Rosemount 2120 has been TUV tested and approved for overfill protection according to the German DiBt/ WHG regulations. It is certified under safety devices for tanks and piping related to water pollution control.

  • Function virtually unaffected by flow, bubbles, turbulence, foam, vibration, solids content, coating products, liquid properties, and product variations
  • No need for calibration and requires only a minimum amount of installation
  • Easy terminal access and hook-up with electrical protections
  • No moving parts or crevices means virtually no maintenance
  • Basic electronic self-checking and condition monitoring
  • Visible Heartbeat LED shows device status
  • Adjustable Switching Delay for turbulent or splashing applications
  • Local Magnetic Test Point makes functional test easy
  • Small in size and weight
  • Short fork for minimized protrusion into pipework
  • Extended lengths up to 157.5-in. (4 m)
  • "Fast Drip" Fork Design gives quicker response time
  • General area, Explosion-proof ⁄ Flameproof, and Intrinsically Safe options
DocumentationFeatures & BenefitsSpecificationsApplicationsAssociated Products
 Approvals & Certificates
 Product Certificates & Approvals
 Declaration of Conformity: Rosemount 2120 Series Vibrating Fork Liquid Level Switch
402 KBpdf
 FMEDA Report: Rosemount 2120 Vibrating Fork Liquid Level Switch
276 KBpdf
 IEC61508 SIL2/SIL3 Certificate: Rosemount 2120 Vibrating Fork Liquid Level Switch
253 KBpdf
 Product & Service Documentation
 Brochure: Rosemount 2100 Series Vibrating Fork Liquid Level Switches
1 MBpdfSeptember 2013BE
 Brochure: Rosemount Process Level Instrumentation
24 MBpdfJuly 2015EA
 Product Flyer: Level Instrumentation for the Refining Industry
2 MBpdfJuly 2009AA
 Data Sheets - Bulletins - Catalogs
 Product Data Sheet: Rosemount 2120 Full-Featured Vibrating Fork Liquid Level Switch
3 MBpdf
 Drawings & Schematics
 Type 1 Drawing: Rosemount 2120 Vibrating Fork Liquid Level Switch, 2D PDF
1 MBpdfMarch 2012AA
 Manuals & Guides
 Handbook: Engineer’s Guide to Level Measurement
2 KBhtmOctober 2014
 Handbook: Level User Guide for Engineer in the Refining Industry
2 KBhtmlJuly 2009AA
 Level Engineer's e-Handbook
2 KBhtmlJuly 2009AA
 Manual Supplement: Replacement and Calibration of Electronic Spare (PCB) Cassettes - Rosemount 2120 Vibrating Fork Liquid Level Switch
1 MBpdfNovember 2012BA
 Manual Supplement: Rosemount 2120 Functional Safety Manual
839 KBpdfMarch 2015AF
 Manual: Rosemount 2120 Vibrating Fork Liquid Level Switch
8 MBpdfApril 2015ED
 Quick Start Guide: Rosemount 2120 Quick Release Kit
890 KBpdf
 Quick Start Guide: Rosemount 2120 Vibrating Fork Level Switch
5 MBpdf
 The Engineer's Guide to Overfill Prevention
Single source guide detailing the current view on modern overfill prevention and related issues including industry standards
29 MBpdfOctober 2015
 Proven Results
 Proven Result: Cedar Falls Utilities Reduces Maintenance Costs With Vibrating Fork Technology
77 KBpdfAugust 2009AA
 Proven Result: Maintenance Free Level Switch Optimizes Protection of Equipment
156 KBpdfOctober 2006BA
 Proven Result: Major Offshore Producer Reduces Maintenance Costs and Increases Separation Efficiency
109 KBpdfNovember 2008AA
 Proven Result: Nuclear Power Plant Minimizes Safety and Environmental Risks and Reduces Maintenance Costs with Level Control
76 KBpdfJune 2010AA
 Proven Result: Oil Producer Reduces Risk of Environmental Impact and Equipment Damage With Vibrating Fork Technology
70 KBpdfDecember 2009AA
 Proven Result: Power Station Manages High and Low Level Control in Aggressive Chemicals with Level Switch
168 KBpdfOctober 2006BA
 Proven Result: Refinery Improves Operation of Critical Turbine Pumps with Vibrating Fork Technology
100 KBpdfApril 2009AA
 Proven Result: Refinery Reduces Safety and Emissions Risk, and Maintenance Costs with 2120 Vibrating Fork Level Switch
80 KBpdfFebruary 1999AA
 Proven Result: Rosemount 2120 Leakage Control on Double-Walled Tanks
66 KBpdfJuly 2005
 Proven Result: Switch Ensures Full Drainage of Vessel
119 KBpdfOctober 2006BA
1 MBpdfJune 2010AA
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