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Energy Management Solutions



Realize energy efficiency benefits throu​gh measurement instrumentation

Measur​ement al​​most always provides the insight you need to start and sustain an effective energy management progra​m. Rosemount measurement instrumentation helps you increase plant energy efficiency, create more reliable pro​cess o​perations and gain substantial financial and environmental benefits.​


Learn how measurement helps optimize energy use in every process area.

Featured Industry Case Studies

More Industry Case Studies

Beverage Plant: Reduced energy usage
Power Plant: Increased efficiency
Refinery: Minimized capital costs
Pulp and Paper: Record high output

Silicone Manufacturer Improves Energy Costs

Better accounting of steam usage through flowmetering improved energy cost management.

Petrochemical Industry Saves Energy

Steam trap monitoring to detect energy loss resulted in steam, installation and maintenance cost savings. 

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Featured Applications and Solutions

More Applications and Solutions

Chillers and Compressors
Steam Turbine Generators
Load Allocation Solutions
Emission Reduction Monitoring 

Boiler Applications

Optimize boiler processes with instrumentation for increased profitability and improved emissions performance.

Reliability Solutions

Improve reliability through real-time asset health monitoring data and predictive intelligence.

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Featured Industries

More Industries

Pulp and Paper
Food and Beverage

Industrial Energy

Industrial sites can increase efficiency with technologies that address energy costs and emissions regulations.


Automation solutions improve refinery performance in key operating areas, resulting in proven financial gains.

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Featured Technologies

More Technologies

Energy Management Information Systems


Pressure transmitters can directly measure pressure values, as well determine or infer flow rates, fluid levels, product density and other parameters.


Rosemount flow technologies provide real-time mass and energy flow measurements and help save energy by minimizing permanent pressure loss.

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