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Remote Automation Solutions Instruments products are designed for the measurement and control of liquid and gas systems in remote installations where ruggedness, reliability, low power, and environmental hardness are required.

  • MVS205 Multi-Variable Sensor
    The MVS205 Multi-Variable Sensor provides static pressure, differential pressure, and process temperature inputs to a ROC800-Series, FloBoss 107, ROC300-Series, FloBoss 407, or FloBoss 500-Series Flow Manager.

 Flow Measurement

  • Bristol® 3808-10A Multivariable Transmitter
    The model 3808-10A is a low power digital transmitter that accurately measures two variables, pressure and temperature, and is ideal for correction of linear gas meters, e.g. turbine meters and ultrasonic meters, at custody-transfer metering stations.
  • Bristol® 3808-30A Multivariable Transmitter
    The model 3808-30A low power digital transmitter accurately measures three variables, differential pressure, pressure and temperature, and is ideal for use with orifice meters at custody-transfer metering stations.