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Gas Flow Computers

We have the right flow computer for your application with the functionality, accuracy, and reliability you need to help you achieve peak performance over the long term.

ROC and FloBoss

  • ROC800-Series Remote Operations Controllers
    The ROC800L combines the power of the ROC800-Series Remote Operation Controllers with the application software needed to measure and control the flow of liquid hydrocarbons and gas.
  • S600+FloBoss™ S600+ Flow Computer
    The FloBoss S600+ is a high end panel mount flow computer suitable for fiscal and custody transfer applications. This maximum-performance flow computer ably handles ten gas or liquid meter runs, with power and flexibility to allow it handle much more.
  • FloBoss™ 103 Flow Manager
    A cost-effective, single-run flow computer for differential-pressure metering of natural gas. The FloBoss 103 is housed in a compact enclosure designed for Class I Division 1 hazardous areas.
  • FloBoss™ 107 Flow Manager
    The FloBoss 107 is perfect for a single or multi-run flow computer or few or many I/O points. It is the ideal measurement solution for many natural gas applications.
  • FloBoss™ 107E Flow Manager
    The FloBoss 107E is an environmentally-packaged version of the FloBoss 107 flow computer. With the available touchpad user interface makes the FloBoss 107E the ideal solution for many remote installations.
  • FloBoss™ 503 Flow Manager
    A high-performance single-run flow computer for differential-pressure metering of natural gas. The FloBoss 503 is designed for Class I Division 2 hazardous locations.
  • FloBoss™ 104 Flow Manager
    A high-performance, compact, single-run flow computer for fiscal metering of natural gas when used with pulse-generating devices, such as rotary or turbine meters.


  • ControlWave® EFM
    The ControlWave EFM Flow Computer is designed for multi-station, multi-run measurement and control applications. It provides the flexibility in I/O and communications of an RTU in a flow computer package.
  • ControlWave® GFC
    The ControlWave GFC is a cost effective, competitive solution for an integrated, “all in one box” chart replacement. Pre-programmed to meet users' automation needs.
  • ControlWave® GFC Plus
    The ControlWave GFC Plus offers all the advantages of ControlWave GFC, but with a higher capacity power system that supports 'fast duty cycle' radio operation.
  • ControlWave® XFC
    The ControlWave XFC Flow Computer is designed for those installations which use explosion-proof equipment. The XFC provides measurement and control for single and dual metering and control applications.