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SmartProcess™ Oil and Gas Application Suite

Key Benefits:
• Achieve greater production
• Ensure consistency between locations
• Reduce lifecycle costs
• Protect your people by reducing unnecessary time in the field

With Emerson's SmartProcess Oil and Gas Application Suite, you have turnkey, off-the-shelf applications available for monitoring, controlling, and optimizing your operations. Gone are the days of investing the time or money to create custom programs-and the associated costs of supporting it over its lifecycle. We’ve leveraged industry experts to develop best-in-class application software for your critical operations in the oilfield to help you maximize your efficiency, safety, and profitability.

The SmartProcess Oil and Gas Application Suite focuses on enhancing your Production and Transmissions operations by offering a library of best-in-class applications in your pocket so you can repeatedly automate your operations to maximize performance, improve consistency, reducing engineering and support costs, and reduce process faults.

Production Manager Series Transmission Manager Series

The SmartProcess™ Oil and Gas Application Suite allows you to:

Achieve Greater Production

Our optimization algorithms for artificial lift have been refined and proven on tens of thousands of sites – resulting in 3-5% production rate increases.

Ensure consistency between locations
One customer recently reviewed seven “identical” units and found discrepancies between how each were controlled. The solution? Deploy standard software applications to do it the right way every time.

Reduce lifecycle costs
Making changes is as simple as clicking configuration choices, eliminating the need to pay for customer programming. The result? Save up to $30K per site over the lifecycle.

Protect your people by reducing unnecessary time in the field
Traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of fatalities in the Oil & Gas industry. Keep your people safe by reducing startup time, eliminating unnecessary process faults, and getting better process visibility from the office.

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SmartProcess Oil & Gas Application Suite has solutions to optimize every operation in your process stream