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Gas Management Solutions

Liquids Management Solutions
From upstream gas gathering, to midstream gas processing and downstream natural gas distribution, the continuous flow of natural gas and natural gas products plays a critical role in helping to support the world’s clean energy needs. Emerson has the industry-proven decision support software; services and expertise to help keep this continuous flow of gas moving more efficiently, effectively and safely across any size pipeline network, anywhere in the world.

Our Gas Management Solutions (GMS) deliver a range of capabilities unmatched by any other single vendor for natural gas, CO2, methane and other gas distribution systems:
The industry-leading solution for pipeline design, simulation and analysis

An industry-proven logistics and commercial management system for pipelines and local distribution companies (LDCs)

A Powerful, off-the-shelf solution for pipelines operating in regulated or merchant markets worldwide
A neural network-driven gas-demand forecast system for predictive management and modeling

The GMS products cover a broad spectrum of Energy Transportation challenges, including:

• Natural Gas Pipeline Transaction Management
• Optimizing Natural Gas Contracts and Fulfillment
• Shippers Transaction Management for Natural Gas Pipelines
• Contracts Management for Local Distribution Companies (LDCs)
• Transaction Management and Accounting for Natural Gas Gathering Systems
• Transaction Management and Accounting for Natural Gas Processing Plants
• Inter-State/Intra-State Natural Gas Transmission Management
• Predictive analytic solutions to forecast system-wide natural gas demand