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Remote Automation Solutions

Proven Results

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ADCO Uses FloBoss 107E for Reliable Measurement of their Mobile Skid for Gas Flow Regulation
MEA | FloBoss 107E | Transmission
Appalachian Basin
Monitoring, control, and deliquidification of coal bed methane field
BP Iraq Uses Emerson’s Wireless Technology to Reduce Costs and Project Completion Time 
MEA | ControlWave, Wireless | Production
China SAGD
Emerson’s Wireless Solution Helps Optimize SAGD Oil Wellpad and Reduce Cost for Chinese Oil & Gas Producer
CNPC Sebei​ 
Natural gas flow metering system at custody transfer point
CNR International
CNR International Uses Emerson’s Technology for Offshore Platform Control of Oil & Gas Operations
Coal Bed Gas Producer
Remote coal bed methane production wellhead data collection
Coke Oven Gas
Coke gas and LNG pipeline SCADA system
ControlWave Micro is the Wellhead Solution for One of the World’s Largest Oil and Gas Producers
MEA | ControlWave PAC | Production
Eagle Ford
Production flow measurement within the challenging Eagle Ford shale environment
Emerson’s Distributed RTU™ Network Reduces Site Commissioning Cost for Australian Oil Company
Emerson’s Integrated Solution Helps Optimize Shale Production for Producer in Permian Basin
Emerson’s Wellpad Automation Improves Shale Well Economics by Managing Annular Flow
Emerson’s ROC800 Helps Deploy Projects Faster and More Cost-Effective than PLCs
Emerson’s ROC800-Series and Distributed RTU™ Network Help Colorado Producer Get to First Oil Faster, and More Efficiently
Emerson Provides RTUs to Increase Oil & Gas Production in Saudi Arabia
MEA | ControlWave | Production
Emerson’s SmartProcess Oil and Gas Application Suite and Wireless Solutions Provide Faster Wellpad Automation
NA | SmartProcess Oil & Gas Application Suite, Wireless | Production
FloBoss™107 Brings High Return on Investment Incorporating Well Optimization Manager
Injection Control
Emerson’s ROC800 and Injection Control Program Provides Cost-Effective Solution for Expansion of Water Injection Manifold
Jetty Oil Loading
ROC800L Delivers More Accurate Measurement for Jetty Oil Loading
Kuwait Oil Company
Kuwait Oil Company Increases Their Production from Emerson’s Integrated Solutions
Kuwait Oil Company Uses Emerson’s SCADA and Wireless RTUs to Reduce Downtime and Improve Production
MEA | ControlWave, OpenEnterprise | Production
Latin America Oil Field Modernization
SCADA systems and RTUs collecting and calculating data in a remote oil field with an approximate total of 120,000 data points
Loss Prevention Strategy around LACT Units Saves $19.7M with Emerson Solution
Maersk Oil Chooses Emerson’s FloBoss S600+ for their Offshore Oil & Gas Fiscal Metering System
Marcellus Shale Play Producer
Well pads for free-flowing liquids-rich wells in shale plays
Emerson’s DL8000 a Reliable Custody Transfer Solution for Purity Liquid Products at Terminals
New Light Crude Pipeline 
ROC800L Delivers Precise Measurements along New Pipeline Transporting Light Crude
OpenEnterprise SCADA Helps Monitor and Control City Gas Stations Remotely to Reduce Operation Cost
AP | OpenEnterprise | Gas Distribution
OpenEnterprise SCADA System Maximizes Revenue, Enhances Safety and Reliability for World’s Largest Exotic Gas Pipeline
NA | OpenEnterprise, ControlWave | Transmission
Pemex Exploration chooses the FloBoss S600+ Flow Computer for Loading and Unloading of Crude Oil
LA | Pemex | Loading Crude Oil
METCO Total Metering Management Services
Promhim Utilizes Emerson’s Wireless Solution to Enhance Operating Performance on Their Oil Tank Farm Management System
EU | ControlWave, Wireless | Tank Farm
San Juan Basin
Monitoring, control, and deliquidification of coal bed methane field
SINOPEC Refinery
Refinery truck loading rack and vapor recovery monitoring system
Spectra Energy Chooses Station Manager for their Large Gas Custody Transfer Applications
NA | Station Manager, ControlWave Micro | Transmission
Transportadora de Gas Internacional
Control of a natural gas pipeline system connecting multiple regions of Colombia
Wuhai-Yinchuan Gas Pipeline 
Coke gas pipeline SCADA system
Major North American Oil & Gas Producer Uses Emerson’s Wireless Technology to Reduce CAPEX, Trenching Costs and Project Completion Time