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Data Management Consulting Services

Developing a high performance integrated manufacturing architecture is a very challenging task that requires a combination of skills and knowledge related to plant operations, manufacturing software, and Information Technology.  Embarking on this journey without a well defined up front definition often results in missed expectations and cost over runs.    Emerson offers Data Management consulting services that will help you define the solution required to meet your business needs and to develop a low risk project implementation strategy. 

Emerson’s approach is to first work with you to clearly define your business objectives.  Is it to improve quality, increase production, lower costs, improve capital utilization, or increase inventory turns?  Once the business objectives are defined, we will work with you to evaluate where the opportunities are, define the right technology and the best work practices to achieve the desired increase in operational excellence.  We can apply processes such as Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma.  Value Stream Mapping is a common tool to analyze where current processes have excess cost and cycle time, or low right first time rates.

Figure 1 Example Value Stream Map 

Applying these techniques enable Emerson to work with its customers to eliminate or minimize non value work and to apply technology and change work processes to focus on the value add activities. After Emerson and its client have identified and documented the current state and future state work processes and technologies, we can help our customers define the systems model for implementation, leveraging the framework provided by the ISA 95 model.

Figure 2 Technical Architecture Development 

Figure 3 Example Data Flow Architecture 

Once the details are determined around business objectives, future state work processes, technologies and systems integration, then our consultants can work with you to develop an implementation strategy, project plan, and budget. Through this process, Emerson’s Data Management Consulting Service can help you apply technology, systems integration and best practices to manage the ever changing environment, improve operations, meet you profitability objectives and ensure your long term business viability.

To learn how Emerson Data Management Services can address your Operations Management needs, please contact your local Emerson sales office or representative today.

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