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WDPF-to-Ovation Migration

Retain Legacy WDPF Investments with Ovation

You don't become the leader in the process control industry without a powerful commitment to customer support. Since we first introduced our WDPF system in 1982, we have demonstrated that commitment at thousands of installations by supplying the highest quality service, support and product enhancements in the industry.

In keeping with that commitment, users of both Classic and WEStation-based WDPF systems can take advantage of the latest technologies while preserving their investment in WDPF. Using a well-defined, field-proven process we can economically migrate any WDPF system to a full-function Ovation system.

It's a low-risk, cost-effective alternative to complete system replacement. Users are able to retain much of their existing investment in WDPF including cabinetry, the entire Q-Line I/O subsystem and associated wiring, control logic, and process graphics.

Because existing DPU cabinets are simply refitted with an Ovation Controller Fieldkit, there is no impact to system footprint. And most significantly, because your proven control strategies, databases and process graphics are retained, migration if virtually transparent to operators -- thereby minimizing re-training requirements and allowing for continuity of operations.

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