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Ovation™ Simulation Solutions

The Most Realistic Operations Training Experience Available

Ovation™ simulation by Emerson provides scalable engineered solutions for operator training and certification programs, procedure development and validation, control logic testing and verification, as well as engineering test-bed scenarios for plant process improvements.

Ovation embedded simulation combines the platform for plant control and simulation, eliminating the need to interface with third-party models. High-fidelity simulation algorithms based on dynamic, first-principle engineering and thermodynamic relationships are created with standard Ovation control system configuration and management software applications to provide a single cohesive environment for plant control and simulation.

Use of a common platform equipped with the same hardware, system software and powerful engineering tools for both plant control and simulation provides significant advantages due to the existing familiarity with Ovation software, workstations, and maintenance.​​

Ovation simulation with embedded models provides customers with the flexibility to place high-fidelity focus on more complex portions of the plant, combined with the simplicity of empirical simulation for general equipment. This implementation strategy offers an alternative to the high, initial capital cost and time investment required for developing a full high-fidelity simulator. Additional subsystems and functions can be incorporated in a phased approach as budgets and time allow.

Ovation embedded simulation provides numerous benefits, including: 

  • Reduces total cost of ownership
  • Supports the unique ability to mix fidelities 
  • Provides flexibility to expand functionality as funds and schedules allow
  • Provides staff familiarity with common hardware and application tools and eliminates the need for specialized programming knowledge
  • Simplifies maintenance by easily allowing simulator to keep pace with control system changes
  • Enables simple edits/modifications to be done by the customer, saving service costs and time​

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 Ovation Control System
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 Ovation High-Fidelity Simulation
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 Ovation Simulation Solutions
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 Ovation Simulation Using Virtual Technology
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 Ovation Simulation Virtual Engineer
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 Ovation Tie-back Simulation
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 Ovation User Manuals & Guides
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