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Marine Industry Flow Meters & Measurement Solutions

Accurate measurement of heavy fuel oil, in bunkering and control of fuel burn, can save hundreds of thousands in operating expense, ensure accurate billing, and reduce emissions. Micro Motion Coriolis flow, density and viscosity devices are your answer for the world’s best measurement for accuracy, reliability and consistency – both on land and on sea.


Bunker Fuel Measurement

Certified transparent, traceable, mass-based measurement that can handle challenging heavy fuel oil conditions and deliver the needed accuracy within the Marine industry. The Certified Marine Bunker Measurement Solution provides custody transfer accuracy on bunker deliveries and helps to automate the delivery process even in the presence of entrained air. Learn more

Fuel Consumption & Consistency Measurement

Fuel consumption and viscosity, or consistency, measurement are important parameters that contribute to the overall fuel efficiency of a vessel or barge.  Both applications require highly accurate and reliable measurement for tighter control and management of fuel burned to realize savings and potential reduction of emissions. With unbeatable accuracy and no moving parts to wear or break, Micro Motion meters deliver the control needed and the robust performance required at sea. Learn more

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